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Does small group training compromise technique?

  • Posted by Catherine Tumelty
  • 04 October 2017

Hey Guys,

I hope you all have a B-E-A-UTIFUUULLL day!

Topic for discussion today is small group training. If we look at the past few years, small group training has elevated the fitness scene to another level! The introduction of CrossFit almost a decade ago started the trend and from there we have seen fads come and go, but nothing really stuck. In the past few years F45 has been at the forefront of this new revolution of training and now Qmax is here to dismantle it off the podium.

Its not hard to see why people have flocked in the hundreds to join small group training. Its;

-          Cheap compared to PT

-          Its different and fun

-          There is a social element involved

-          People have seen some serious results!

HOWEVER, for all the good that can be said with small group training, it hasn’t come without its criticisms. Exercise purists who believe in the fundamentals have been the biggest advocate against small group training. They believe:

-          The intensity of the classes is too high which compromises technique and can lead to injury.

-          The generic nature of the classes trying to cater for everyone, means some people don’t get the attention they need, which again can lead to injury.

-          The movements involved are not necessary to elicit the positive benefits of exercise.

-          Class sizes are too big for one instructor to ensure movements are done correctly.

If you read that list at face value, you probably wouldn’t want to try a group class and personally I wouldn’t blame you. Just recently, I found out some group classes don’t even have a qualified trainer instructing as they didn’t feel the need with it being prechoreographed. This is a massive no no and as a brand is something Qmax doesn’t stand for.

We understand the hesitations some people have about group training and have done everything in our power to ensure we cover as many bases as we can!

Firstly, group classes are high intensity, the nature of the training and the energy produced from all involved means people move fast and like anything there is a risk of injury. Qmax minimises this risk by capping the class numbers to a manageable number for our qualified CERT 3 AND 4 Personal Trainers

Secondly, yes, the classes are produced to cater for the masses, however because our instructors are well qualified, their knowledge base allows them to have a whole heap of variations to assist people who may not be able to move in a certain way. This means we decrease the chance of injury, whilst allowing that member to still workout and feeling a part of the Q-mmunity. WIN WIN if you ask me!!

Finally, again some of the exercises you’re going to do in a Qmax class are going to be different and a little random, but here at Qmax we believe in fun and creating a platform for people to express themselves in ways that they might not be able to do daily. All movements included in our classes have been tested, analysed and tested again to ensure they are not only safe but also having people move through the correct planes of motion. This equals to you having a great time, in a great environment whilst achieving life changing results! I LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT!?

Overall, if you have any reservations about group training that’s fine and there is some merit behind those thoughts, however don’t be scared and come on into a Qmax class to make up your own mind. Our team will always have your best interests at heart to make sure you achieve the best results possible!

Thanks everyone!

Jamie  De Abreu

Senior Personal Trainer - Southland in Cheltenham Vic.