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Qmax Havana is back! Importance of the glutes...

  • Posted by Catherine Tumelty
  • 27 September 2017

Spring is upon us which means summer is one step closer! Summer ready yet?!?!?!?! (Me neither so don’t worry). Here at Qmax we have got you covered! HAVANA BOOTY is back on the timetable to ensure your butt is ready to be flaunted on the beach. Through compound and isolated movements, we make sure you feel the BURN every step of the way!!! Superficially a nice looking toosh can get you all the way to the top of the Instagram ladder, however apart from attracting plenty of likes – it also plays a really important role within the our body and keeping it strong. I will explain!

The glutes are the powerhouse muscle of the lower body, if their off/weak you leave yourself open to a host of injuries/pain which can affect your quality of life - especially as you get older. BUT if they are on and firing as they should be, your hips/knees/back will be very happy and your training will be elevated to a new level having such a solid platform.

The glute can be broken into 3 parts:

1.       The gluteus maximus: It’s the large outer muscle of the buttocks region. The muscle starts on the inner portion of your pelvis and back portion of your lower spinal column, known as the sacrum and coccyx (lowest part of your spine, above the bottom). The gluteus maximus helps you rotate your leg outward, lift the thigh backward, extend the hips and raise the thigh to the side.

2.       The gluteus Medius: Is the centre of the three muscles. Lying underneath the gluteus maximus yet above the gluteus minimus, the gluteus Medius begins on the outer and upper portion of your hip and is inserted on the upper portion of your thighbone. Weakness in this area can cause the hip to sag or destabilize.

3.       The gluteus minimus: It’s the deepest of the gluteal muscles, resting below the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius. The muscle begins on the outer surface of your hipbone and inserts to the top of the thighbone. The glute min works together with the gluteus medius to prevent the hip from sagging.

Look I know I just threw a whole heap of words at you, but if your going to come to a HAVANA class, I think it’s nice to know what’s burning and why!

As you have read the glutes are all about ensuring the hips move correctly, as weak glutes will equal poor moving hips which is a no no. This could start a chain reaction which could affect your lower back, knees and ankles. These injuries could lead to muscle imbalances which place more pressure on the hips and the cycle continues.

Overall coming to a HAVANA CLASS will not only leave you looking like Kim K (it that floats your boat), it will also protect your lower limbs from pain and injury. So really that is all the reasons you need to get off your butt right now and squat your way into your nearest Qmax club for a HAVANA BOOOOOOOOOOOTY class!

Thanks Everyone!

Jamie  De Abreu

Senior Personal Trainer - Southland in Cheltenham Vic.